Padelis Spartalis
Software Engineer & Founder @ Origen Group
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My name is Padelis Spartalis, I live in Thessaloniki, Greece and I am student at Software Engineer department.

I am occupied with computer programming, web applications design and development with HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. In the past I was interested in graphics and motion design in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.

On 20th of March I started uploading video tutorials on my YouTube channel about programming, graphics and motion design but months later I found out that I was more interested in computer programming so I made the decision to stop creating content for my channel. Also, I workes as an author in a tech blog which was called “PC Building” and as a broadcaster for the tech news column in the radio show “Geek Show” of “YouSmile”.

I have been designer and developer for many projects from scratch or using platforms like WordPress. The most important projects were the “Young Magazine” — the youth digital magazine for free every month, “Inspiration” — the Greek ideas-sharing platform with users profiles and comments, “Tutorials Network” — a website with free professional video tutorials in Greek language. The most recent project was “Bullying Project” — an anonymous platform to share bullying incidents mainly in school and finally an inside-project — "Mailwire", a newsletter system with abilities such as schedule a newsletter, create lists and API requests.

Nonetheless I have been the developer as well as the designer for many external projects. The online catalog “Alfa Shop” for Alfa Production. The “Academic Identity” for the school bio of students which I presented in the computer science conference “ACSTAC 2016”. Also I made the website for a student radio station “TeenAction Radio” of Efkarpia’s 1st High School and finally the custom ERP system for Alfa Electronics.

Currently I am the owner of Origen Group. A creative team that I created on 5th of January in 2016 which is responsible for the management of Inspiration, Bullying Project, Tutorials Network, Greek YouTubers and other projects that Origen is the creator. Origen is a youth team and the main goal is to help and improve the community via internet or events in real life. Until today Origen employs 15 young people, with passion to create a new world!